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Spring…the usher of change.

Throughout the world, no matter what continent you currently reside in, one thing that is common to us all is change. We have come to the end of the first quarter of 2020 and the changes have been more than we can keep up with. I love how God puts it in perspective with the weather associated with the seasons. Even if you wanted to ignore its existence, the sudden rumble in the clouds or chill of the wind will stamp its seal in your mind, no doubt. Change, I think, has been given a serious beating. Most times when it's being referenced metaphorically or literally, it is served on a platter of discomfort, unease and darn right displeasure. There is truth to it and trust me, I have had a good taste of what sudden change and gradual change can be like and let’s just say, it may not be as pretty as this article intends to portray it.

So as I ponder on CHANGE, I’d like to embrace it. To focus on the change that we have been waiting for. The one we have longed for as seemingly simple as the change in the season that brings about the warmth and the sun as summer is nigh. Spring is in the air and you can see it as the snow starts to melt away slowly and the earth reveals its rich dark colour and the sun ever so brightly just seems to shine a little differently. The air is shifting and it’s as though, you could breathe a little better and on some days you just want to do everything fun and random. Or maybe that’s just me. Honestly, the weather that brings heat does that to me. I was born and raised in the tropical climate of West Africa so perhaps that has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, I’m glad and grateful that it teaches me the easier way to accept change, anticipate it and even long for it.

It feels good to the soul to be expectant of something and I believe this is where gratitude and hope come from (the antidote to depression). I’ve experienced tougher times when I had eyes but couldn’t see and skin but couldn’t feel and ears that couldn’t hear the change that brought about hope. Even for those moments, I am eternally grateful because now I know not to take joy for granted. As the world we live in transforms and morphs into life as we know it, take advantage of the isolation that has been called for. In this time of palpable fear, panic and anxiety from all that is happening globally, take the time to be introspective and think about the life you have now and how you would really like it to be. I encourage you to fantasize even about it. Create the positive atmosphere your mind and heart crave.

As we welcome the spring weather, even amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic and forced isolation, I ask that you find something you’re looking forward to changing for the better. If it’s in your direct power to DO SO, do it! And if it’s in your indirect power to do so, pray about it (I hope you caught what I did there ;)).

It’s all in your hands. Put them together to pray, release them to work and open them up to receive.

Love always,


Secret Musing: Ever wondered why Spring and Lent fall in the same season? Could have something to do with cleaning…who knows ;)

God's best always xo

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Mar 24, 2020

Aww so inspiring, you should keep up with this 💋💋💋

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