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‘take great pleasure in.’

We all know this feeling to some degree…

It is most evident from the work of our hands, and I mean that literally and figuratively. That which we ‘delight’ in or ‘take great pleasure in’ speaks volumes even when we try to hide it. If you haven’t already, I’d like you to take a moment to really think about the things or thing that give you pleasure that you indulge in, good or bad, you be the judge, but really think about it. Now when you thought about it, I am almost 100% positive that the emotion it usually brings you was what you used to find it. You see that ‘feeling’ you get when something gives you a truly good feeling…? That’s what I’d like you to hold on to.

Now to get that feeling, you find yourself going back to it every now and then and depending on the source of that feeling, if your access to it were in question, you’d fight for it. You will defend it because it is your happy place that you would like to visit at your will. I really hope I am getting across to someone here…lol.

Ok, now that I have tried to establish in your mind the delightful feeling that is yours and yours alone and that you enjoy to the fullest, now see the verse that brought this whole conversation happening within me:

‘He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.

Ps. 18:19 NIV

I read that some days ago and I have not been able to get over it. February is an amazing month that celebrates love in all its forms but this year, right on Feb. 1st, I just really started to think about the love God must have for His creation. It started with the word ‘beloved’ and the verse in Job 14:15 NIV “You will call and I will answer you; You will long for the creature Your hands have made” and I thought ok and then a few days later, ‘delight’ came to me and I felt this was not coming from me for sure. As much as I thought I was aware of the love I know, I am seeing a whole new dimension to it. If only these two words come to me, I can live on them forever because they point to a fact that gives me the kind of security we all look for in love. That fact is that the love has all to do with Him and not so much me per se. Think about it…we tend to want to know why anyone who says they ‘love’ us, love us. Why do we want to know why??? It’s because the reason for their love just might give you some insight to infer on how sturdy that foundation is and if you find that it is something that can fade, your excitement may wane.

So I have found the reason why God:

1. Rescues me – because He delights in me. He genuinely takes great pleasure in something about me and that is why He will always answer when I call…(holding back some tears now lol).

2. Will call me – because He will long for the creature His Hands have made. Have you ever dug through a pile of stuff and found something from eons ago that just brought you so much joy? You just may find yourself going back to it each time no matter how long it has been.

So that’s it. There is something about what you love that keeps drawing you in and only you know what that is. It’s the same way I now know that there is something about you and I that makes Him have compassion for us and that honestly is one heck of a security.

Anyway, I hope this gave you something to hold on to, talk about or best of all, think about. I pray you have an amazing day, week, month and year ahead.

Happy love month.

God’s best always,



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