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Living intentionally has always been a personal goal of mine. I don’t necessarily consider myself a goal setter and achiever type but if there is any principle I have held on to, it has to be living with intent. That said, you could only imagine the inundating but yet exciting task of home schooling children during this time. I have been grateful for the necessary isolation amidst the chaos, there have been blessings that have come out of it so far. I’ll take the time here to lift up those who have suffered grief during this time, may you find the ray of hope and light in The Comforter. May He wrap you in His wings and give you Peace that will trump your current situation, Amen.

“But the time is coming—indeed it’s here now—when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way.”

John 4:23

It is THE MOST important season of my faith, Easter, and though we may not be able to gather in the flesh to celebrate the core of our entire philosophy, I am truly and honestly grateful for it and I’ll say why. Some background on my faith…I am born and raised Catholic. I LOVE and RESPECT my Catholic roots as they have an introspective approach to seeking God and I believe that is an invaluable lesson that will carry any Christian through. Given our current reality, I took my home schooling a notch higher and combined Arts and Craft class, Science class and Home Economics class to teach our son about Easter because that bunny and eggs concept is not only scientifically erroneous as bunnies are mammals but I find it very misleading.

Let’s talk about this bunny thing for a quick second. I did some research on where the idea of eggs and rabbits or bunnies came from. We all agree rabbits/bunnies are mammals and hence do not lay eggs much less fancy coloured ones. So I really have struggled with the correlation. During my research, some accounts refer to a fertility goddess whose symbol was the bunny given the natural fertility bunnies have. Others relate it to a German bunny who laid eggs…and the stories went on. Nothing of much significance to Christ The Risen Lord. What really gets me is some faith based schools go on to practice Easter egg hunts to keep the children entertained. What I know for sure is what children learn at a young age rarely is forgotten, abuse or love, knowledge or ignorance both are retained to adulthood and inherently inform their world view.

I believe in starting early, to make the truths and lessons we have gathered in life, a familiar space with the children we have the opportunity to nurture. One of those truths for me is teaching him about the greatest love story known to mankind. So we went from the white board to the kitchen. We used the 4 seasons to learn about the weather and climate as well as the celebrations during these times that will help it stick e.g Christmas/Winter à Baby Jesus and Spring/Easter à King Jesus etc.

Next, we decided to bake a cake the shape of a cross and cookies in shape of a crown. Isolation and home-schooling will do this to you…lol. It was an arduous journey finding a cross shaped baking pan and cookie cutter in APRIL, weeks to Easter but the shelves were packed with all shapes of bunnies and flowers but not a single cross in sight. My frustration with this rabbit matter was only the more exacerbated. But when there is a will there is a way. Bulk Barn thankfully had a cross shaped pan and a crown shaped cookie cutter so I braced the social distancing queues and voila.

If it wasn’t clear before now, it sure is crystal clear at this moment that life is fleeting and fragile and you only have what is in you as your anchor. Isolation has brought out a different level of the nurturer in me and I am honestly grateful for it. Whatever your life philosophy, if it centres on love of God and neighbor as yourself, I think we’d realise quickly that social distancing only brings us that much closer in spirit…which we inherently are.

On that note, it’s safe to say we may have begun a new tradition in our home.

Happy Easter.

God’s best always xo


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