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The Prophecy

Happy New Year!

That felt really good to ‘say’…I don’t know that I have meant it more genuinely than now. 2020 is most certainly a year that none of us will be forgetting any time soon or ever. I’ll take a whim here and say that after coronavirus and COVID-19, prophecy or 2020 predictions perhaps were right up there in the top searches on Google at some point.

Amidst the constant bombardment of frightening news from around the world from Jan. – Dec. 2020, there was a quietening of my inner self or spirit as you may. It hit me quite profoundly in the very beginning of 2020 and continued on till mid-year. I found myself taken aback by the devastation happening globally but yet ‘unperturbed’ as though I had this covert knowing that it was all part of ‘the plan’. Perhaps the events were too cinematic for my coherence to agree that it was real life and somehow my mind likened it all to a very dramatic plot and if it were truly a movie with this much intensity, the writer would have to end it in some way and soon and hopefully with some relief for the audience. Right now, I am reminded of something I said once on a stage receiving an award, I had said that God is the greatest scriptwriter I had ever met. That still stands true and forever will for me. Someone else also said about 2020 that God made Himself impossible to miss and I also agree completely.

Prophecies are a huge part of the culture in Nigeria. Being as religious as we are, it comes with the territory and the new year prophecies tend to be the crowning moment of the crossover services at churches. Prophecies are great but what I’d like to propose we take from them are the lessons they reveal more so than the predictions they are highly sought out for. The lessons always come in the journey to and through the prophecy if they end up being true. I’ll use myself as an example.

In late 2013, if I were approached by a ‘Seer’ and told:

1. By this time next year, you will be married and will bear a son…(and everybody shouts AMEN)

2. You will excel in your career and be awarded for excellence in your field (another resounding AMEN)

3. Your talent will take you beyond borders (AMEN OOOOO…)

And so forth. But here is what the prophecy may not have revealed:

1. Your marriage vows to God will be tested…(we could say by fire here but I mean, who is asking)

2. You would have to lose your stable day job in the most unexpected way to give room for your most celebrated work in film so far…

3. You will receive news about your son’s health that will force you to move countries. Adapting to your new reality will then open your eyes and new doors.

As the Bible says, “For we know in part and we prophecy in part” 1 Cor. 13:9, so I have learnt to say Amen to the grace to carry God’s gifts to eventually obtain His blessings.

So, with all that said, and with all that 2020 has unearthed, I embrace each day truly as a gift that no one can afford. No prophecy could have prepared us for a year like that but the journey through it, I pray has helped us all unload any and every unnecessary God-forsaken burden.

1. To all who lost a loved one, I pray for divine comfort.

2. To those who lost jobs, I pray for divine sustenance.

3. For those who lost relationships once held dear, I pray for divine consolation.

4. For all those who gained significant milestones, I rejoice with you.

As we all take on 2021, I pray that the fire of 2020 that we have all just gone through will refine us for the better and prepare us for the Harvest that is to come...I can feel it.

Take that with a grain of salt my people, you just never know exactly how the harvest is coming but that it will come is sure ;)

God’s best always



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